Meet Gardner McAdams

     Power of the Dark Realm is my first published work. If you like the characters in this novel, I have more in the pipeline. There is a lot more to the saga of the Gentars and Vulans and its characters have become an imaginary family to me. In a way they represent my belief in the inherent goodness in human kind and our potential for continued evolvement and purpose.

     The best ideas usually come to me on my morning bike rides when I am away from the tax office and the phones. A tax man? Well, a fella has to make a living! Some might think it romantic, but I don’t have the strength to be a starving artist. Anyway, there are many aspects of the workaday world that are actually fulfilling. I like to think that my real job is making my clients’ lives easier.

     Anyway, even during the heat of tax season, I have found time to do a little writing, here and there, even if it only amounts to recording my bike riding inspirations. Do I feel guilty when I neglect my office duties? All I can say is, Thank goodness for the guy or gal that invented the extension!

     The other day, I was having a chat with a friend and he asked me if I would consider writing about some of my true-life experiences. Well, there is a story of survival, there, but I’m not ready to write it. For now, he will just have to get glimpses of me through the characters in my books: and not necessarily the heroes. Right now I am having fun with fiction and I’ll stick with that for a while.

     I’m currently toying with some ideas about artificial intelligence and I may do something with that. A.I is destined to change our lives and cultures in unpredictable ways. My challenge will be to avoid a doom and gloom theme and just tell a story that is entertaining. I can’t imagine me writing something that didn’t include a love story or that swerved away from science fiction.

     I invite you to tell me what you think. You can find some contact information on my website at

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